Keeping your appliances running safely and efficiently

Maintenance and repair for gas and oil appliances

Regular maintenance, servicing and timely repair by trained experts is essential for the safety, efficiency and reliability of all gas and oil appliances.

Safety Testing Limited, serving the south of England, installs everything from the latest 'A' rated condensing boilers to complete renewable energy schemes. Naturally, we also provide reasonably priced servicing to keep your appliance working safely and reliably. Whether we installed it or not, we service and repair all makes of natural gas, LPG or oil boiler, fire or other appliance.

And, when it's time for a new appliance? When there's a problem and maintenance and repair are no longer enough to keep an appliance running? You'll get great advice and competitive prices from an experienced family business with a reputation to protect.

The benefits of using Safety Testing Limited for fault-finding, maintenance and repairs to your gas and oil appliances:

  • Nearly 15 years' maintenance and repair experience with gas and oil - there isn't much we haven't seen
  • Ideal Elan or Worcester Greenstar? Old or new, our engineers will keep your gas or oil appliance running
  • A close relationship with market-leader Worcester Bosch for engineer training, advice and support
  • Honest advice about older equipment: if we can cost-effectively repair your appliance we will
  • Free advice on maintenance, repair, safety, efficiency and energy efficiency laws tailored to your specific circumstances
  • Related maintenance such as power-flushing of central heating systems

Protect your investment with cost-effective power flushing

Power flushing is a simple, proven technique that we regularly use to clean heating systems like yours. Power flushing doesn't take long, there's minimal dismantling or disruption and, because power flushing uses water at high velocity, but low pressure, your system isn't damaged. For greater effectiveness, we can also add powerful cleansing and mobilising agents. Whether it's to improve the performance of your existing system or to get the most out of a new installation, power flushing is a worthwhile investment.

Does your central heating show any of these symptoms?

  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Cold radiators
  • Corrosion or pinhole leaks in radiators
  • Repeated central heating pump failures
  • Corrosion in the pump casing or cold feed pipes

The build up of sludge and corrosion often causes these symptoms in the heating system. Fortunately, power flushing can help restore your system to the optimum performance that keeps you warm and saves you money. NOTE: Though power flushing can't fix design or mechanical faults, which should be rectified, it can often cure the problems caused by these.

Don't forget power flushing when you install a new boiler or central heating

As well as helping older systems, power flushing is an excellent way to pre-commission new systems because it removes dirt as well as the grease and oil used to stop components rusting before installation. By power flushing your system before fitting a new boiler, we can help protect your investment and prevent future problems due to debris being mobilised by system alterations and the increased efficiency of your new boiler.

How does power flushing work?

First, we connect a power flushing pump to the heating system. A powerful flow then mobilises the deposits and corrosion that resist traditional cleaning methods. Next, we pump fresh clean water through the system to expel the loosened debris, flush your radiators individually and leave your system full of clean water before reinstating your central heating to normal operation in a few minutes. Power flushing is easy and convenient and can help restore your central heating system to optimum, efficient, money-saving performance.

Is your gas fire due for a service? Timer broken on your boiler? Central heating not keeping you as cosy as it should? Need advice on servicing, maintenance, power flushing or repair? Need a prompt, friendly visit to get everything working again? Please contact us now.

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